Place, combine, battle, and repeat all over again in this block pattern base builder strategy game! This is a game jam game for the Retrograde Jam 3.  

  • Build units by matching patterns of colored blocks
  • Combat the enemy units, bombard the enemy base
  • Destroy the enemy crown to win!

Play in the web browser, or download and play on the desktop, whichever you like!

Each of the 3 stages has 3 levels of difficulty:

  • 1 - Easy
  • 2 - Medium
  • 3 - Hard


PartingShot_WindowsBuild_V2.zip 26 MB
PartingShot_MacBuild_V2.app.zip 35 MB
PartingShot_LinuxBuild_V2.zip 40 MB


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Rushing around trying to find patterns to complete while the timer runs out and your opponent builds their own weapons feel very intense and fun

Also like how the music gets more intense as the round goes on and after getting used to it you can tell how much time you have left by just listening the music

 Good game overall :]

I'm glad you had fun, thanks for playing! :)


snappy tunes and great art, quite a interesting and fun design for the game! y'all should be proud of this one

I agree, the team really hit a home-run with the audio/visual presentation.

Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for playing! ^_^


Wow, interesting idea! It was a little hard to figure out at first, but then I realized. The music and graphics are delightful.