A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Go on a destructive rampage in Victorian England!

Destroy buildings, toxic waste, and people to gather resources to upgrade your Kaiju and increase your size and abilities.

You have just gotten a job at K.I.L.L. Corporation (Kaiju Insurance a Limited Liability Corporation), and your boss has turned you into a Kaiju! He wants you to go on a destructive rampage so he can sell more Kaiju Insurance to the locals. The fiend! Lay waste to Victorian England in the name of capitalism, ho!


  • WASD - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump
  • Left Mouse Click - Basic Attack
  • Middle Mouse Button - Hold while moving mouse to rotate camera
  • Q - Bite
  • E - Roar
  • 0 through 9 - Kaiju Abilities



  • SonderGaming - UI & UI Art, Pickups, Prop Art, AI
  • Alex R - Kaiju Abilities, Ability Hotbar, Stats, Upgrade Shop
  • WhatsWithAndy - City Generation, GPU Optimization, Destructible Implementation, Enemy Spawning
  • Rob - Camera, Movement, Controls


  • Xenological - Building Models, Evil Lair Model, Destructible Models, Material work, Dialog
  • Neoawesomeon - Kaiju Art & Animations, NPC Art & Animations, Prop Art
  • Imugiwyrm - Ability Icons

Music and Sound:

  • Austin - Music, Sound FX, Sound Implementation

External Asset Credits:


FinalBuild_Win.zip 77 MB
FinalBuild_Mac.app.zip 86 MB
FinalBuild_Linux.zip 93 MB


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This is a very replayable game! There is just something fun about destroying stuff and making your monster bigger and stronger! I'd love to see more of this the concept is great! 


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you had fun :)


hope this game gonna get more updates and more players XD I love the concept and gameplay stuff mate keep goin!

Show post...

good arcade


Thanks for playing! :)